New year, new blog…


Whether you’re a new reader or you’ve followed me across from my old blog (Muted Mornings, if you’re wondering) – welcome.

Last year I got a bad case of blogger’s block, and though I tried to power through and persevered for a while, in the end I couldn’t run away from it. So I took a step back from it all.

Cue the arrival of 2017, and an itch in my fingers to write, to create, to be part of that blogging community again. Despite February being ridiculously busy, I decided that now was the time to get back into it (silly, perhaps, but that’s life…).

However, I felt that I had outgrown my old blog (despite it still being dear to me), and so this little space was created. Scribbles because scribbling is what I do, and coffees because a good cup of coffee always fuels my creativity and my productivity – and obviously one cup is not enough! (Really it was just because Scribbles & Coffee was taken, but sshh, let’s pretend.)

This space won’t be remarkably different from my old blog. It will still contain lifestyle elements and random ramblings. I would like to ease off on the pressure of having “content” to write about and of having a regular blogging schedule. I want to write whatever comes to mind, whenever it does. Perhaps the difference is only in my approach.

I hope you will follow along on this new adventure.


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Literature and linguistics student at Glasgow Uni. I spend my free time drinking coffee/tea, reading and dancing.

18 thoughts on “New year, new blog…

  1. That’s so exciting! I love your new blog! I can totally relate to the writer’s block thing you were going through. I feel similar at the moment and I’m glad you got through this and enjoy blogging again. Sometimes the only right thing to do is to start all over again!
    Patti Shifting Tales


  2. Hello, Mimi! I’m a reader of yours since Muted Mornings, I’m so happy you’re back! I can’t wait to read your future posts from your new blog! Ugghh I feel you, these days I’ve been experiencing blogger’s block, too and It’s really frustrating. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and let our mind relaxed. Hehe. I love your blog name btw! ♡


    1. Hi there 🙂 thanks so much for your lovely comment! It really put a smile on my face! Blogger’s block is dreadful – but I found that just taking a few months off and not pressuring myself really helped. I wish I had done it earlier. xx


  3. Welcome back on the blogging world. I also came back when I decided to shut down my site in WP and now, I’m blogging on Blogger and I couldn’t be happier to be back and write my heart out. Hehe! Good luck to us. 🙂


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