A Balancing Act

scribbles and coffees

I have a tendency to say yes to everything – collecting responsibilities as if they’re necessary for my survival. Sometimes I forget that I’m not a super human and that I cannot do absolutely everything.

Last semester I was studying full-time, working part-time, teaching dancing voluntarily once a week, attending dance class at least another two times a week, writing a dance demonstration and teaching that, plus working as secretary for the dance club. It’s safe to say I was quite stressed, and I realised I had to slow down.

I decided to quit work, and finally left before Christmas. I’m also currently staying home several nights a week instead of going to dance class all the time. Uni is more demanding this semester, so stress is still a familiar concept – but I’m more and more realising the importance of saying no. It’s a constant struggle between the part of the me that wants to do absolutely everything, and the part that realises I can’t.

Today it was pointed out to me that the time I had gained since I quit work I wasn’t using for relaxing as much as I should be. All the things I like to do on my own to wind down – walking, photographing, blogging, reading – haven’t been prioritised. And so, in the future, I’m striving to find a better balance between uni work, dancing and free time. It’s tricky, but necessary – and I’m starting by writing this blog post.

Mimmi x

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Literature and linguistics student at Glasgow Uni. I spend my free time drinking coffee/tea, reading and dancing.

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