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Bullet Journal | Scribbles and Coffees

Bullet journals have been everywhere for the past year. For a long time I wasn’t sure if they were for me, but gradually I became more and more intrigued by the concept. I finally jumped on the bandwagon earlier this year and got myself a Leuchtturm1917, and started using it in February. There are still some things that I’m working and I might change some things, but I think I have mostly found what works for me. I’m still very much a novice, but here is how I use my journal…

Future Log


Future Log Bullet Journal | Scribbles and Coffees

First is my future log — a fancy term for what is essentially the year ahead. I have shaded important dates, colour-coded for different areas of my life (uni, dancing, birthdays, etc) and written on the side what happens on these dates. As you can see, February and March are quite packed… The second half of the year is still looking a little bit bare, and I still haven’t actually detailed what the shaded dates are. The future log helps me when I’m setting up each month and is just a good way to get a general overview of the coming year.

Year in Pixels and Resolutions Bullet Journal | Scribbles and Coffees

Next I have a ‘Year in Pixels’ page, which is essentially a mood tracker. I realised too late that I probably should have had more than just four options, as I often find it difficult to pinpoint what mood I’m in… hence that some days are half and half. Next to this is a list of my goals and resolutions for the year ahead.

To Read and To Watch Bullet Journal | Scribbles and Coffees

The next spread I have dedicated to books, films and tv-shows that I would like to read/watch. I am planning to fill this out more as the year goes by, as well as cross off those that I have had time to read/watch.

Monthly Pages

Monthly Log Bullet Journal | Scribbles and Coffees

Monthly Log Bullet Journal | Scribbles and Coffees

Next come the monthly pages. This is where I take the dates that I have put in the future log plus add other dates and events that have come up. I also have a few goals and to-do’s that are specific for that month, as well as a list of meal ideas and a list of what fruits and vegetables are in season.

Gratitude and Habit Tracker Future Log Bullet Journal | Scribbles and Coffees

On the next spread I have my gratitude log and my monthly habit tracker. The gratitude log is where I write down one or two things that have been good that day. I find it really good to sit down in the evening and think positively about the day that has passed, especially if I’ve had a particularly stressful day. The habit tracker includes things that I would ideally want to do everyday, such as wake up before 7.15, drink lemon water, get outside, avoid caffeine and sugar, not spend any money, etc. If I’ve fulfilled a certain thing that day the box gets coloured, so the aim is to have as many coloured boxes as possible!


My final monthly spread is my outfit log. This is my way to keep track of what clothes I’m wearing, which is helpful both in terms of understanding what clothes I actually like to wear (and what clothes that simply hang there in my wardrobe, waiting to be used), and to avoid wearing the same thing on a certain weekday.

Weekly Log

Weekly Log Bullet Journal | Scribbles and Coffees

Weekly Log Bullet Journal | Scribbles and Coffees

I don’t bother with a daily log and just do a weekly spread, with a section for each day, a meal plan and a small section for notes and to-do’s. I also have a little square where I put a quote (in an attempt to inspire myself…). I simply transfer whatever is in the monthly log to the weekly spread and add a few more events. For example, I don’t bother putting dance classes in the monthly log as I know which days they are on, but I do put them in my weekly log. I also add to-do’s and notes for each day.

What I Use

I write mostly with my Muji 0.4 erasable ink pen. It’s my all-time favourite pen – wonderfully thin, subtly black and a joy to write with. Plus it’s erasable, which is excellent for someone who has a tendency to make silly mistakes. I also use this to write my fake calligraphy/hand-lettering, which works well as long as you don’t inspect my writing too closely…

I also have the Muji 0.5 gel pens which I use when I want a dash of colour, for example for the Year in Pixels spread or to separate the days in my weekly log. I also used it for my habit tracker and outfit log in February, but this month I’m using the Tombow dual brush pens for those spreads instead. I’d like to be talented enough to use them for actual hand-writing, but I haven’t had enough practice yet…

And that is my bullet journal! It’s not as fancy or creative as some are, but it suits me and my needs. I find it really helps me organise my thoughts and makes me feel less stressed and anxious.

Mimmi x


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Literature and linguistics student at Glasgow Uni. I spend my free time drinking coffee/tea, reading and dancing.

8 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal

  1. I’m all aboard the bujo train, it’s my favourite thing to.. look at? haha! the “what’s in season” and the outfit log is a great idea which I haven’t seen before. thanks for sharing and inspiring!


    1. Haha I know what you mean! I love watching bujo videos and I follow quite a few bujo instagrammers… Thanks for your comment! Glad you found it inspiring 🙂 x


  2. Good grief this is inspiring! I started a bullet journal at the start of the year but struggled to find the right notebook with enough lines, I definitely need to investigate the one that you use. Your pages look lovely and I really want to incorporate a habit tracker in mine to keep me accountable.

    Sam x


  3. This is such an amazing idea! We did an article on bullet journals at the magazine where I work, but it didn’t go into such depth and I wasn’t writing it, so I didn’t really understand what they are all about. This looks so cool, though, and I’m really inspired to make one myself. You have such lovely writing…I doubt mine would look as pretty! Particularly like the section for books to read and so on…I always find myself jotting notes down on odd scraps of paper and losing them, so this is such a good idea. x


    1. Thanks so much! It does take some effort to get your head around, but once you’ve got the basics it’s so easy. I also really love how you can adapt it to your own needs. I practised my cursive handwriting before starting it haha – so nerdy! xx


  4. I actually have never tried using a bullet journal – I already have so many different journals and lists and notepads on the go and I’m not sure it would be of any use for me. That said, your use of a bujo is so inspiring! Everything has a clear purpose… I’m wondering if I should rethink my stance! x


    1. It helps me a lot because it keeps everything in one place – so I don’t have to keep track of all the different lists and notebooks I had before! But different things work for different people 🙂 x


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